About Nina

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!! My name is Nina and I grew up in San Jose, California.  Right now we are living in Virginia and it is pretty nice on the East Coast.  Matty and I met while we were both going to San Jose State.  The moment I met Matt I knew he was someone that needed to be in my life.  After three years of hanging out we kissed on one magical Christmas Eve and the rest is history!!!!!

About Matthew

My name is Matt.  I grew up in Kailua, HI in the fabulous island of Oahu.  I transfered to San Jose State in 2006 and that is when I met Nina.  She ran up to me at a party and introduced herself and said "Hi! I'm Nina."  I enjoyed the frienship we developed and realized I must have liked her when after I went home to Hawaiit and got my phone duct taped to the ceiling by my friends  because I was texting her too much.

How we met

Matt and I met at San Jose State University. We were both in the greek system on campus, and lived across the street from each other.  We became friends right away but it wasn't untill a few years later that we realized we liked each other.  After that magical Christmas Eve, Matt went home for two weeks and that was when we both realized we belonged together forever!!!!

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